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We are Value Creators

Since 1997, Sichuan Huafamei Enterprise Co., Ltd has focused on import & export and distribution for pharmaceuticals, chemicals and related products, as well as provides professional registration service for APls. In 2006, well joined the famous pharmaceutical & chemical group SAFIC-ALCAN in France and became its only subsidiary in China. We are a diversified service provider with an international professional team, who could be the most trustworthy partner in China.

Our Strengths

• Global network: More than 26 branches, business covering more than 50 coun-tries in Europe, America, and Oceania.

• Professional team: Composed of professionals in various fields, such as international distribution, logistics, quality & regulations and so on.

• Rich experience: With more than 20-year experience in the business of pharmaceuticals and chemicals distribution, and building up the excellent marketing strategy and sourcing management.

• Exclusive agent: Succeed in leading Chinese pharmaceutical companies into European market and import TOURNAIRE aluminum bottle as exclusive agent in China market.

• Quality assurance: Provide you professional GMP audit, CEP/DMF registration, experimental research, medical test.

• Door to door solution: Optimize the import and export supply-chain.